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"My passion for learning drives me to continually step outside my comfort zone and test myself. I am constantly involved in projects which expose me to new ideas and views of the world and which challenge me to think differently than I would normally. 

Recent passions have been machine learning, computer vision systems, and distributed systems."

                                                                            - Sean Sill -




  • Design hardware, electronics, schematics, printed circuit boards, and metalwork
  • Develop firmware for embedded devices, chip manufacturers - Atmel, Micorchip, TI, Freescale - Languages (C/C++)
  • Building embedded PCs (e.g., Beagle Bone Black and Raspberry Pi)
  • PC and server software – Languages: C/C++/Python/Golang/Java
  • Mobile Development: (Android/Google Glass/Java)
  • Some web: Html/Javascript/Dart/AngularJS
  • Embedded connectivity/networking (IoT).



  • DMX512-A (ANSI E1.11)
  • RDM (Remote Device Management ANSI E1.20)
  • Embedded systems
  • Embedded networks
  • Source control
  • Software engineering

Selected PROJECTS:


RDMNet for Wireshark

February 2013


Adding support for Plasa E1.33 RDMNet

Accurate RDM Timing information(Link)

July 2013


Plasa E1.33 RDMNet(Link)

July 2011



Sean Sill, Principal, The Black Lab Coat


Automation Engineer, Tait Towers

Network Engineer, Doug Fleenor Design

Developed highly embedded network devices using industry standard protocols.

Designed and debugged highly reliable hardware for use in harsh environments.

Deployed source control system to track software versions and changes for all products.


University of Missouri-Rolla, 2006-2011

EE/CpE, Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Everything



Michael Orlando

President, Lumate

Sean has a phenomenal technical capability. His problem solving skills are top-notch, and he has a hidden artistic and creative side as well. As an all around great guy, he shows his care and appreciation of both clients and employees. I'd recommend Sean in any kind of technical/design/electronic/etc situation and would have no doubt about his ability to get the work done in an efficient manner, correctly, with a satisfied team and, most importantly, client.


Nick Pegg

Network and DevOps Engineer

Not only is Sean an overall great guy, he is also one of the brightest engineers I know. What really makes him unique is his passion for electrical and computer engineering, demonstrated by how he is constantly learning new things.